Porsche 911 scale 1:6

Earlier Porsonly informed you about a 1:6 model of the 911 made by Matrix models and showed you the prototype. Now, exactly 55 years after the official introduction of the Porsche 901 on the IAA in 1963, Matrix Scale Models proudly presents their replica,six times smaller than it’s example !

Porsche 911 silver ’64 – ’68, 
HQ resin model with photo edge parts. The model will be ± 70cm long. Number 1 in silver. Price will be around 995 euro.
Also available are customer colours (costs extra).
And no. 2 in Bahama yellow :

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact Porsonly.

More pictures : 

Super detailed interior

With photo-etched parts

beautiful detailed


and back


And available in Bahama yellow with the 1967 Fuchs wheels

details interior and windows

lef side

The first sketches of the Porsche 911 were drawn by Ferdinand ‘Butzi’ Porsche during 1959 and conceived as a powerful, larger and more comfortable car to Porsche’s first model, the iconic Porsche 356.
All design and development werk were done in-house: cousin Ferdinand Piech developed the six-cylinder engine while Ferdinand Porsche focused on the chassis and body. The car was introduced at the IAA in Frankfurt in 1963 as the Porsche 901. But soon after, Peugeot raised objections to the name, claiming rights to all three-digit cars named with a zero in the middle. So the 911 was born!

Production of the 911 began a year later in 1964. There were 232 911’s built in 1964 and 45 are known to exist today.
An iconic automobile, known worldwide for it’s successes in competition and durability.

It was an obvious choice for Matrix Scale Models to design it’s first ‘big- scale’ modelcar. It took almost 2 years to develop such a large model. A team of skilled engineers worked very hard to get all the details right, and many times parts had to be redesigned to achieve accuracy and quality.

No less than 245 parts build this car to a true masterpiece. From the smallest light bulbs to the seat rails, from the Porsche logo on the hornboss to the mazed grille inside the bonnet, every part is accurately scaled down to 1:6.

Matrix Scale Models will offer this car either in silver metallic or bahama yellow in limited numbers. FIt is also possible to have a ‘bespoke’ version build to your own specifications (at extra cost).