Porsche 356 by Brian Long


Reprinted! The Book of the Porsche 356 by Brian Long


– New revised, reformatted and completely remade edition ? More than 100 new photographs
– Covers Replica 356s 
– Includes production totals and specifications
– Helpful buying/restoration advice
– A MUST for any Porsche fanatic! You can order here.


The story of the most successful sports car manufacturers first car, detailing the full and fascinating story of the Porsche 356 and the racing and rallying cars which sprang from it. With over 240 pictures and extensive, well researched text, this book is a must for any Porsche fanatic.


Based loosely upon the VW Beetle, which Dr Porsche also designed, the 356 was the first Porsche model and, as such, represented the birth of a legend. The curvaceous little coupés and spyders were a huge success throughout the world, and continued to be so throughout the model’s life because of a policy of continuous development. Here is the full and fascinating story of the Porsche 356, and the racing and rallying cars which sprang from it. Here, too, is the story of the very beginnings of what, today, is one of the greatest sports car marques and an icon of automotive excellence.

Independent Reviews

“It’s a book to excite any 356 enthusiast.” – Australian Classic Car

“Though at 10×10” and hard covered, it is almost a ‘coffee table’-sized book, this is not a book, it’s a time machine. ‘The Book of the Porsche 356’ is one that every 356 enthusiast should have.” – Porsche Club of America, Riverside Region

“If you love Porsche, you really must get this book. I know I will be off to fantasy land again and again with this wonderful book in my home.” – Porsche Club of America, Red River Region

“I’d recommend the book to anyone at all interested in the early history of Porsche and the 356 in particular.” – The Sage Tick

“Like all other Porsche models, the 356 has had plenty of words written about it, but this new title brings a lot of material together neatly. Its particular strength is in the photographs, of which there are almost 300, including shots of early Porsches in the process of being assembled and quite a lot of rare. This is a book that any enthusiast of these successful early Porsches should enjoy.” – New Zealand Classic Car

“If you own a 356, these pictures will make you glad you do; if you don’t, they’re certain to make you want one.” – Classic & Sports Car

“This is not simply a reissue. It is extensively revised and substantially expanded. The artwork in the book is wonderful and a pleasure to just browse through. I smile every time I pick it up. It gets my top five star rating!” – Heat Exchanger

“The book abounds with intimate and unusual stories about these early Porsches, its founders, and the many variations produced.” – Porsche Club of America, Monterey Bay region

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