Opening 2018 : a unique museum!

From I was born I’m crazy about cars. “Born with a toy car in his hand” my mother always said. And now, 50 years later I want to create a unique museum where other car enthusiasts can meet the hobby of collecting models cars. Indeed a unique miniature car museum because I collected over 23,000 Porsche models. And hundreds of Porsche books, Porsche brochures and more. My dream : opening a Porsche model car museum.

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    Parts of my collection now  :

    Porsche in all scales, from 1/220 til 1/4…..
    in all materials, diecast, plastic, glass, resin and more…..
    From all over the world……
    From beautiful detailed scale models til ugly gadgets look like a Porsche…..y0o
    Complete series in all colors…..

    over 2,500 different models in scale 1/64 (3-inch)…..6
    from manufacturers all over the world!