Porsche 934/5 #44 1977 IMSA Mid-Ohio

new expected from TSM, 1/43 Porsche 934/5 #44 1977 IMSA Mid-Ohio (TSM430227) , resin model. (website)

Porsche 550

R274 UPD
Porsche 550RS Spyder
Carrera Mexico 1954
Salvador Lopez – Chavez #51
5° classe 1500cc.


This is a re-release updated model.

#Porsche 911

Purchased by the American team electrodyne, the 934 from Moretti in Momo livery but was used by Vincentz in some races of the IMSA series in 1979, depicted here the view version of the 500-mile Mid Ohio.By Arena modelli 1/43 resin casting.

Porsche 911

Porsche 934, started in the 6 hours of Silverstone in 1977 with Brambilla and Moretti, he finished 7th place, 1 ^ of the GT category. Arena automodelli 1/43 resin casting.

Porsche 911

Equipped with a tubular chassis and the engine moved to a central position, this 911 took part in several races imsa in the 90s. Raced during the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1994, driven by Hicks, Butt, Johnson and Zitza, By Arena modelli 1/43 resin casting.


#Porsche 911 Carrera RSR

Porsche 911 carrera RSR driven by John Paul to 6th place overall at 100 miles Mid America in 1977. Arena modelli 1/43 resin casting.

#Porsche 911 2.2S

With a “psychedelic decoration” for the Porsche 911 2.2S from Egreteaud and Rolland, raced in the 1970 Tour de France. By Arena Modelli 1/43 in resin casting.

#Porsche 911

Porsche 911 carrera RSR. In 1974 the Carrera from the Sonauto team started again in the Tour Auto, this time with the female crew Charlotte Vernay and Madeleine Fouquet, they finished in 14th place overall. By Arena Modelli 1/43, resincasting.

#Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 carrera RSR, used by Team Sonauto during the 1973 Tour de France, with Ballot Lena and Morenas, this car did not reach the finish line. Arena modelli in scale 1/43, resin casting.

#Porsche 911 #carrera RSR

A special body for the Brumos team Porsche Carrera RSR, with a special aerodynamic style, driven by Peter Gregg and Hurley Haywood, finished to 9th place in the race at Mid Ohio Imsa in 1975. By Arena Modelli in scale 1/43, resin casting.

#Porsche 911 SC

Another version of the Porsche from Koll, used racing at the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1981, cooperation with Kline, they came to the finish but were classified in 43rd place overall. Arena Modelli 1/43, resin casting.

#Porsche 911 sc

Porsche 911sc with Koll at Sears Point in 1981, where he finished second. By Rena modelli in scale 1/43, resin casting.

Porsche 911 Carrera 2.7RS

Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 – The Swiss Claude Haldi and Khalfi participated in the Tour de France in 1973, with this Carrera, reached the 5th place overall. By Arena Modelli in scale 1/43, resin casting.

Porsche 911 SC

from 1981, the Publimmo team, with Eklund and Spjit in the Rally of Sweden in 1981, where they reached the 9th place Model from Arena modelli in scale 1/43, resin.

Porsche 754 prototype

Für die Fa. Ravensberger Handelskontor hat AutoCult unter dem Label “Masterpiece” ein Sondermodell, Porsche 754 T7 Prototyp, in einer limitierten Auflage von 333 Stück hergestellt. Das Modell ist ab nächster Woche bei Fachhändlern zu erwerben.
For Ravensberger Handelskontor AutoCult produced exclusively a special model under the label “Masterpiece”, Porsche 754 T7 Prototype, in a limited Edition of 333pcs. only. This model is available from Model Car Shops from next week .

#Porsche 908/02

New from best (Italy) in december 2016 :


BEST9642, scale 1/43
PORSCHE 908/02 FLUNDER – Le Mans 1973 – Wicky/Cohen Olivar/Carron #52best9642b

Porsche 356B carrera abarth

New expected in October from Best models (italy) , the BEST (9634) PORSCHE 356B CARRERA ABARTH GTL participated in the Rossfeld Hill Climb in 1963 driven by Herbert Müller with startnumber #67