Porsche 917K no. 10

Ten years after theirs successes in endurance racing, the Kremer brothers decided to build a new Porsche 917 for LeMans 24 Hours 1981.

The team is supported by the German factory, but it arrive in LeMans without a lot of tests and the new Porsche 917 K for Kremer and not anymore for “Kurz”.The results are not as high as the expectations: the team, three-colored 100 % for the occasion, is obliged to retire the race after 82 laps only.
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New slotrace Porsche models

New slot race models from different manufacturers.

Porsche 962: scalemodel 1/24 by Sascha Müller

There are many groups on Facebook about Porsche. One is about the Porsche 956/962, with almost 4.000 members. Sascha Müller is one of them. He did an incredible job to build the Porsche 962 LM from Le mans Miniatures in scale 1/24. Sascha told : “This is my most detailed model car I had ever built.The great Dauer 962 LM. I started building the model at 2007 and finished it one year later. In 2012 I put the carbon decals at the model.” Take a look at the (19) pictures…… words are not necessary!
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New Porsches from Le Mans Miniatures

Afbeelding 1
Porsche 935 n°40 24 Heures du Mans 1976 Martini Racing Team (ref. 132040MEVO). Both models are slotcars in scale 1/32 and  fitted with Slot-it parts and turned aluminum rims. For the 1976 version, it is a improved version in comparison with the first production delivered in 2011.
Afbeelding 2
Porsche 935 n°40 24 Heures du Mans 1977 JMS Racing (ref. 132054M)

Porsch 935 Le Mans 1976

Afbeelding 3
New from Le Mans Miniatures (132040Mevo), the Porsche 935 from the Le mans races in 1976 with drivers Rolf Stommelen & Manfred Schurti. Scale 1/32 slotracemodel. Available in october 2013.

935 from Le Mans miniatures

Afbeelding 2
New from Le Mans Minatures, the Porsche 935 from 1977, no. 40 in scale 1/32 for the slottrack.